Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #1 Prompt: "What advice would you give your teenage self?"

As a teenager, I did what I wanted. I was lucky none of it was super bad or if it was a touch illegal (i.e. shoplifting), I never got caught. I was a generically "good kid". But, looking back, I would tell myself a few things. Of course, I'm sure my teenage self wouldn't listen.

  1. You don't have to drink.
  2. It's ok to not party. But, it's also ok to party. Do what you want.
  3. You're going to break up with him, and you'll live. It'll all turn out better than you could've imagined. Maybe, break up with him sooner and enjoy single life longer.
  4. Move out a little sooner. You'll manage, it'll be ok. Enjoy living alone as long as you can.
  5. Continue ignoring your urges to get tattoos; you don't have any money and your ideas are stupid. You'll have more money and better ideas later, don't worry.
  6. Spend more time with your girlfriends. Guys are fun and all but, meh.
  7. Cut yourself some slack: you've got a rockin' bod.
  8. No diets, no exercise unless it's fun.
  9. Go on trips on your own more. You won't get lost and you won't die.
  10. You do NOT need a new outfit every time you go out.
  11. Get laser hair removal on your cooch.
  12. Get Lasix eye surgery when you have the money & you're single.
  13. It's ok to not make friends with everyone you meet then feel obligated to keep up with them for the rest of time.
  14. Read more! You love reading, keep reading.
  15. Write more! You love writing, keep writing.
  16. Go away to college. Yeah, you'll have to take out more loans but, meh. LSU looks like fun. Or USU or App State.
  17. Don't bother dying your hair. Yeah, you're experimenting but you'll eventually go back to your natural color. No point wasting your time, money and hair health.
  18. Don't bother piercing your ears that many times. Once or twice is enough. Besides, they'll all reject because your body hates piercings.
  19. Don't ever hold in your farts so a dude doesn't think you're gross. If he can't handle female farts, he will never be able to handle anything else life will throw at him.
  20. It's ok to not like reggae. And eventually, you won't really like "pop" country either.
  21. Don't be nervous to dance. As it turns out, no one really can.
  22. I only learned this recently: most people... like a large majority of people, are ugly.
  23. Buy a little pick up truck for your first car. It'll fit a bike, or a kayak. And your future husband will need it.
  24. You'll make the right decision but I have to say it just in case: do NOT get a cat or dog or any pet when you live alone. Wait until you have kids to get pets.
  25. All in all, you make the right decisions. Everything turns out great and I'm a-ok over here in 33-year-old-land. I look about the same but my eyebrows are WAY better and I have a few more scars. Just have fun and don't hurt yourself or anyone else on purpose. Love you.

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