Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #10 Prompt: “What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?”

I'm glad I waited until the end of the day because the day revealed PLENTY to be grateful for. The first being my hilarious and unpredictable children. When you're a mostly-stay-at-home-mom, it's the little things that bring joy. There isn't vacations, happy hours, late nights with girlfriends. But, there are hilarious one-liners from your 4-year-old and finding your favorite long lost, and forsaken, candle at Target. 

Today, I found my FAVORITE candle at Target, that I thought they had discontinued. I ran in place, my heart pounding, screaming as silently as I could muster. My dear sweet 4 year old said "And, mommy, they're all for you". So, I started loading them all into my cart while a shocked woman watched, curious. She began sniffing the candles on the display and I ferociously pointed at my favorite and said "Don't bother, this is the only one you'll ever need or want again". Ella whispered, "Mommy, leave some for other people". I've already left my review on Target's website ["Scent is associated with memory… I'm not sure what smell memory is triggered by this candle but it's got me feeling some type of way. I feel free, single, alone and independent. It brings me back to a time when I was the master of my own destiny. Answered to only my whims and followed my every dream. I bought about four of these candles when I saw they were back (they were gone for about a year, and I lost myself out there). I danced in the aisles, wept into my mask, when I saw them on the display. My daughters stared in awe; a stranger stared in curiosity. I told her to buy them, she'd ever need for another thing as long as she lived."] My joy soared today, to high heights. The second thing I'm grateful for today is my favorite Target candle returning into my life. The third is my husband's returned health. He has battled self-induced, double, food poisoning. He became mysteriously ill for about 2 days, began to rally and ate some leftovers, Turns out, those leftovers were the culprit and he fell violently ill for another two days. No more McDonald's McDouble's for him! Good ole Garcia Effect. He's better today and has jumped back into work and helping around the house. The fourth thing I'm grateful for is how well everything went today. From ordering sandwiches and receiving the correct order on time, to my seamless Amazon returns. The fifth, and final thing for the day (though I'm sure I could come up with more), is the book I'm currently reading. It almost lost me, but managed to entrap me. I've got a good reading rhythm going and I hope to keep it going even when I finish. I've got a couple potential winners lined up to start right when I finish. I look forward to actually keeping track of the books I read this year! I didn't last year and I forget if I read about 10, or 15... or which ones I actually read. I'll keep better track this year. 

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