Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #14 Prompt: “Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.”

Maybe I don't remember the challenges I didn't overcome. Maybe, I'm just being way too self-important. But, honestly: all the things I took on as a challenge, I succeeded. Maybe I'm avoiding things I think I'll fail at? Major things in my life that come to mind: applying for nursing school, getting into, graduating from and succeeding in nursing. Dumping someone I was just comfortable with that'd I'd been dating for 6 years (and through all my then major life events). Having a huge crush on the same person since I was 19, then finally dating him at 25 and marrying him at 27. Oh, and having all his children. Moving out on my own when I was ready and never having to move back into my parents house. Buying my first car, brand new. Is that a challenge? A financial challenge, maybe. Beekeeping (some years have been more successful than others; I'm currently on a downswing and may take a ''break'')... also a financial and emotional challenge. Owning a blue heeler and not murdering it or myself (they're SO annoying; this is all thanks to my husband for training her and exercising/playing with her the amount she needs). Owning, living in, and helping (i.e. watching the kids while my husband works) fix up an old house (built in 1939) with stories. Starting and continuing my podcast. Writing a book (and self-publishing). Fear of heights (rock climbing). Being open to new points of view through my life that has really changed my opinions and belief systems (for the better). Finally accepting my hair color for what it is. And finally, my pursuit of minimalism. The only thing challenging that pursuit is my husband. And children. Love you guys!

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