Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #16 Prompt: “What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?”

 Slow fashion! I did a couple podcast episodes where it makes an appearance (Sustainability, Shopping Addiction & Minimalism). Aja Barber is one of my FAVORITE writers about the evils of fast fashion. I can't wait to read her new book: "Consumed". As far as sustainability goes, "Fast Fashion" is one of the top contributors to the destruction of earth (think, pollution, disappearing ozone, etc). They also have slave-like working conditions where people are apt to even DIE in factory fires, collapses and other horrific events. Underpaid, undervalued people just so we can have that Forever 21 crop-top. "But, it's so cheap!" Well, that's because somewhere along the supply chain: someone is paying the price. That's the workers! We have destroyed entire nations with our waste after this fast fashion is "used up". Fast fashion has created 50+ seasons for us to believe we need to dress for! I remember in college, anytime I was going to go out with friends, we HAD to get a new outfit. Why?! I'm sure I had something suitable. Practicing slow fashion has helped my wallet, helped my mindfulness when it comes to my closet and what I choose to represent, and given me the ability to feel good about my shopping practices. Do I mess up and buy new, "fast" crap sometimes still? Yes! I'm a human. But, nowhere near what I used to. Just Google Slow Fashion; join a Slow Fashion Challenge (3 months, no buying NEW)! Wear what you HAVE but if you must purchase...shop used first. If you must buy new, do you research OR refer to people who have done their research like Aja Barber (then throw her a couple bucks to support her work). I also take my friends bags of donations and go through them. I am NOT too proud to wear their cast-offs! And they're always happy to see me sporting their sweater or pants later.

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