Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #17 Prompt: “What is a superpower you’d love to have?”

I think as a mother, two would be super useful. The stretchiness that one of the Incredibles have (I never saw the movie so I don't know which one had it) and super strength of Luisa from Encanto. Any scenario, I would be so much more useful. Picking everything up at once, stretching my legs to step over puddles, reaching my arms out fast and far to grab a kid before they land with a concussion, sitting on the couch and reaching all the way into the kitchen to grab a towel, carrying all the things from the van to the spot where we're sitting on the beach, the list goes on! I know people are going to say, "No, mom's have so many super powers already... blah blah blah". They only thing we're capable of doing that the average, childless person, might not be is: not having a mental breakdown more regularly than we do. Mom's probably get to crack once a year, once every couple of years. The average person, thrown into what we go through, would crack at least weekly. That's the only advantage I have over the average person. Oh, and I'm a shape shifter... it just takes 9 months for the process to complete.

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