Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #18 Prompt: “What book is next on your reading list?”

I love horror and mystery so I'm currently reading Gillian Flynn's "Dark Places". When I'm all done, I'll either read Peter Straub's "Mr. X" or Gilly MacMillan's "The Nanny".

I find all my books either used at my cherished local used book store OR out of our Little Free Library so conveniently placed in our front yard (one of the first things my husband did during the pandemic is build me a LFL; it's a mini house complete with roof shingles and it's foundation is a tall tree stump. LOVE IT!).

I used to keep a list of ''to read'' books but I found it was having the same effect as this giant book collection I used to have: pressure and stress. I felt like I had to get through all these books and so I'd just shut down and read nothing. I like just flying by the seat of my pants. Same goes for a Netflix (or any other streaming service) queue. I would avoid all the movies in my queue and end up watching whatever was new, anyways. No lists! No expectations! I'm also working on getting rid of the word "goal" from my lexicon. Again: no expectations. So, even though I listed those two books as what I may read next.... I very well may not!

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