Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #19 Prompt: “Write about something mysterious.”

The Villisca Axe Murders. Between June 9 and 10, 1912, six people (the Moore family) were AXED to DEATH in their homes in the tiny town of Villisca, Iowa. Obviously, forensics then SUCKED. So many weird things about this case. It remains unsolved today but across other states there were similar axe murders around that time, with similar crime scenes. They never connected these cases but they were all near (within hiking distance) of a railroad. Some preacher tried to confess at some point but he wasn't charged... he said some creepy quote as his reasoning for the murders... he heard a voice that said "Slay utterly" (Ezekial 9:6). The father was hit first, then the mother. There is STILL a gouge in the wall from where the murderer pulled the axe back to hit. I can't remember if he hit everyone with the blunt end of the axe, but he hit the majority of them with the blunt end. Two girls were sleeping downstairs and they were from another family, just sleeping over. The older of these two girls was thought to have woken up to defend herself as she was out of bed with her nightgown up over her legs (also, sexual aspect of murder?). The rest of the Moore children were found in their beds. Holy crap. Other weird stuff: dish of water by the window where he washed his hands, he ate something after murdering them, slab of cloth wrapped bacon on the floor with the two non-Moore girls, mirrors/all reflective surfaces covered with cloth (dresses, blankets, etc). Nobody locked their doors at night in this town (prior to these murders), but it was still speculated the murderer hid within the home til everyone returned from church and went to bed. The doors were locked on his way out. This is all from memory so forgive me. Mysterious AND sad. And... UNSOLVED.

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