Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #25 Prompt: “Write about what makes you feel strong.”

#adulting. It IS hard! Just this past weekend, I took care of two patients who became covid positive (I work on a psych/addiction floor so this is rare) after they had been there for a while AND not very good at wearing their masks. It became a huge issue on our floor. All the while, I'm getting text updates from my husband about my sick 2 year old, then our dog being attacked by a coyote. I know everyone is going through stuff, especially during the pandemic, but COME ON! This was all just in one day. This past year has been a doozy, too. A contractor essentially stole ~$14K from us, destroyed our driveway and now we have to shell out more money we don't have to have it fixed! Yes, we've looked at suing but this person changes his name after he declares bankruptcy so it would be completely pointless to try. I never thought I'd consider it a good day if I don't develop a headache, I manage to take a normal poop and nobody steals money from us. If we all get through the day relatively healthy and not bleeding out: a win. I keep slogging along. I get up, generally in some sort of pain, and survive. Granted, I live in middle class suburbia so what do I really have to complain about? We haven't dealt with floods, earthquakes, tornados, fires, horrific health issues or survived a horrific crime. I'm grateful. But sometimes, I think I'm entitled to feel like a badass for the little wins.

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