Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bloganuary Day #27 Prompt: “Where do you go when you need solitude?”

 That's easy: my bedroom. In a house invaded with pets, kids and various other visitors... that's the one place that is truly "mine" (I share with my husband, of course, but... I've decorated it, furniture'd it, etc). Big comfy bed, great lighting and my personal belongings. There are no kid toys or various kid items (their seasonal clothes are stored in bins in my closet, but I'm not hanging out in the closet). I've got my writing desk in the corner with my laptop in case my solitude necessitates writing or internet surfing. My books are up there (I only ever keep one or two at a time: whatever I'm currently working on and my next read), and all my doo-dads I like to hoard and then compulsively "minimize". There's a TV on a swivel, too. So, I could either veg out in bed or swivel to the loveseat if I feel like being an upright sloth. In the rare event I need solitude outside of the house and the weather is garbage: Target. I still feel alone when I am surrounded by strangers, all looking at useless crap on the shelves. Target is also the place I take my best bathroom breaks. Probably, because I'm alone.

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