Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Lengths Mothers Would Go...

To be ALONE.

I am going to pitch a reality TV show. To someone, anyone. It will involves mothers, only mothers. No, dads, you don't get to participate or play. It's our time to shine. The only requirement to play is you have to be a mother (adopted OR biological) to at LEAST one child. No, your husbands don't count, because you can legally leave them alone to pursue your own interests. The structure of the gameshow is crazy scenarios are presented to mothers and they either AGREE and get to be alone for however long, or decline and return home to their own private hells. Here are examples of scenarios:

  1. Piloting an small craft airplane alongside another mom piloting her own aircraft. Jump from the aircrafts at the same time, sky dive to the opposite airplane and successfully land each one. Yes, it's some stupid ass stunt that's about to air on some streaming service but of course it's MEN who've come up with this. Months of training and preparation go into this so the opportunity to be ALONE and CHILDLESS is of mouth watering proportions!
  2. Camp in the desert for 1 week. No tent, no sleeping pad. Just laying face down in the dirt. Riding a motorcycle out into the desert could be an added feature as you'll require training on not only survival in the desert, camping but also riding a motorcycle.
  3. Deep sea diving, Mariana's Trench? And staying on a wildly pitching fishing boat between dives.
  4. Translating the Dead Sea Scrolls without stopping besides to eat, sleep and poop (yes, you get breaks!).
  5. Hiking Everest, obviously without oxygen.

That's all I've got for now because, obviously, I'm not alone. Share your suggestions in the comments below!


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