Tuesday, May 24, 2022

When does minimalism go too far? Or fail?

I have developed a compulsive need to "declutter". In my own home, especially, but also at work. I don't work super often, but when I do: I comb through every drawer and cabinet, including the break room, and discard what isn't labeled or what I know has been sitting there for whatever I deem "a while". The work fridge isn't safe, either. I've even spilled over into my mom and dad's home. I'm starting to make excuses to swing by during the work day, when I know they're not there to stop me. I'm determined to discard their extensive VHS collection (nope, they don't have a VHS player), outdated globe (who has these anymore?!) and collection of hoarded hotel shampoos.

This drive to discard, donate and sell has caused a few fights between my husband I. I have thrown out or donated things we have ended up needing, more than once. He's made a very valid point (regarding my minimalism) : "Stop buying stuff, then!" Ok. I can't stop buying altogether. We do need some things. But, in my journey to become a minimalist (much like sobriety, it's always a journey... you never "arrive" at your destination officially and there's always a risk of relapse), I haven't worked too hard on my knee-jerk buying reflex. I like to think society, media and advertising is just doing it's job and I'm not impervious. But, I'm aware of what they're doing so it should be under my scrutiny. It is slightly... but not enough. The Target holiday-themed end caps and dollar section still reel me in. The sudden need to take up a new hobby still grabs me. The thought: "That seems like an interesting lecture/class/hobby/occupation of my time & money", still creeps in... How do we stop it?

I've removed all shopping applications from my phone (along with mostly ALL applications, more on that another day). I tried a website blocker on my browser, but I just deactivate it and/or uninstall it. I try to avoid making accounts with websites I don't shop at often (I have a Walmart, Amazon, and a few others). I try to stick to a list when I enter a store, and I have been getting better. But, now I'm cruising FaceBook Marketplace's free listings. I've lucked out a couple times and have only bought a total of three things (we honestly needed these things) from FBM. But, this drive to "just check" is there. Must find a deal! A steal! I've unsubscribed from all sale emails. Should I start implementing a dollar to day rule? Like if the item is $50/under, I wait 2 weeks to purchase? Of course, this doesn't apply to needed groceries, medicines, toiletries, etc. Let's be honest, I won't stick to it. Is this purely a willpower thing? What's your take on all this. 

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